Reiki Master Training with Lorry Salluzzi

My Reiki Master Program, SHINPIDEN, Offers You the Following Opportunities:

"I have enjoyed teaching Reiki as a Sensei Master since 1991 to tens of thousands successful reiki students, many are well known is this area as well as nationally and internationally. Let me help you become successfully fulfilled while on your life journey.

Your path can be an adventure inspired by wisdom, compassion, and abundance. My training includes updated information still being discovered about Japanese Reiki and the opportunities to use your reiki gifts to help yourself and your community. Every successful healing heals every one of us and heals the Earth and so on....." Gassho means YOU ARE DIVINE!
  1. Master Meetings throughout the year for support and reinitiation, reiju, master healing and updating with new discoveries about Usui Reiki.
  2. Enjoy unlimited attendance to all reiki workshops by donation only
  3. Networking at learning centers, adult education, cable tv shows, radio/internet shows and more...
  4. My support one on one at any time
  5. Meditation and master practice and review always avalable
  6. Opportunity to join the "11:11 Soma Healimg Center Community Free Clinic" as a practitioner
  7. Fine tune: Kekko (Reiki Massage as practiced by Usui and Hayashi) , Gyoshi Ho, Kiko, Reiji Ho, Byosen, Shoden, Okuden , Shinpiden, Jikiden Reiki, Joshin Kokyu Ho, te ate, Koki Ho, Kenyokuho, and every aspect of Japanese Reiki that becomes available to us so that we can share and continue to grow in our practice of the Original Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkei.
Free Reiki Clinics are avialble Upstate and Long Island, accepting donations as well.

Call for an appontment to our free Reiki I Initiation Clinics and Healings.

We are happy to add your name to our prayer list as our service to you and the Universe. Your one time Free psychic reading is available for 2012 just email me with your question and I will get back to you as I can.

Gassho, Namaste, YOU are DIVINE!!

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